What EM Readers Say

“I enjoy your thoughtful and insightful columns posted in Engineering Momentum. I enjoy how your articles take a different tack from the typical business self-help fare.”

— Jim Butzen, Zebra Technologies

“I enjoy reading the Engineering Momentum articles. I find them to be interesting and informative. I find that the articles present a good mix of technical and interpersonal information presented in a well-written format.  While some of the articles are targeted towards management, I still find them interesting as everyone on a successful team needs to understand all aspects of managing the project.”

—  Murray Zenk, Sage Software

“It’s always good to get a perspective about other activities related to engineering. I appreciate the variety of subjects and tips in Engineering Momentum. Please keep them coming!”

— Dennis K. Wood, The Boeing Company

“I do value & enjoy the Engineering Momentum articles.  I find that most of them are directly applicable to my job and are helpful.  Most of these articles resonate with me, reinforcing lessons that I’ve already learned or codifying lessons that are consistent with my experiences but that I have not taken the time to distill and articulate.

“Topics of most interest to me are team building & management, leadership, and communication skills.”

— Greg Hannon, Intel

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