Can Engineering & Marketing Get Along?

By Gary Hinkle
They’re selling features we haven’t even designed yet!—is a common complaint from engineers about marketing. Requirements are a moving target, thanks to marketing. They’re not well-defined. They’re growing and changing, yet deadlines and schedules are firm. While engineering is pointing fingers at marketing, marketing is pointing back. Engineers aren’t getting the importance…

Technical Presentations: Slides That Don’t Cut It

By Susan de la Vergne
Brace yourself. I’m going to make a shocking recommendation about how to prepare slides for technical presentations. Here goes: Don’t use design templates. Ever. You know the ones I mean, those decorative templates in PowerPoint and other slide products with the colored frames, borders and bars, and the dots and doodads in the corner. They’re a terrible idea! Why? Because design templates detract from your presentation rather than improve it.