Making Continuous Improvement “Stick”

By Gary Hinkle
Many organizations have implemented formal continuous improvement programs, often as part of an industry standard quality program such as ISO9000, Lean, Six Sigma, etc. Unfortunately, even with formal programs established, many organizations don’t achieve the full ROI benefits of their continuous improvement efforts.

The Hazards of Technical Presentations

By Susan de la Vergne
Technical presentations are fabulous examples of public speaking! Engineering and tech presenters are funny, concise, and engaging. Most of them can’t wait to grab a microphone, fire up their succinct, well-designed PowerPoint slides and launch into an hour or two of riveting information transfer!

Never Be Boring Again!

By Susan de la Vergne
First of all, is business boring? Sure, sometimes—dull meetings, drab assignments. But you also get hot assignments. You’ve also been to meetings where breakthroughs occurred or fights broke out. You’ve awakened in the middle of the night thinking about a work problem you can’t solve. You’ve reveled in the excitement of discovery.