Making Continuous Improvement “Stick”

By Gary Hinkle
Many organizations have implemented formal continuous improvement programs, often as part of an industry standard quality program such as ISO9000, Lean, Six Sigma, etc. Unfortunately, even with formal programs established, many organizations don’t achieve the full ROI benefits of their continuous improvement efforts.

Improving Time to Market

By Gary Hinkle
There are many things teams can do to get projects completed more quickly. Some form of investment is usually required, and yes, sometimes it means hiring more people. Here are some practical tips that don’t necessarily require additional staffing.

Requirements Are Slippery Little Suckers

By Susan de la Vergne
Warning: If you read this story, you may just want to change how you manage requirements. Roger was the business analyst in charge of gathering and documenting system requirements on a major business IT project when he was asked to assume the role of project manager.