Relationships or Results?

By Gary Hinkle
In the last post, I wrote about what you should look for when you hire a consultant. When a consultant plays a team lead role, the goal is speedy success and rapid termination. Whether stakeholders like the consultant or not isn’t the point. What matters is that the business objectives are met.

If They Had It To Do Over …

By Steve Wetterling
There was once a very successful American company that made clothes washers. Their machines did a good job of washing clothes and delivered decades of reliable service. When we were newly married college grads, we purchased one as soon as we could afford to. It washed our clothes for 24 years.

Mindfulness vs. Multitasking

By Susan de la Vergne
A story in this Sunday’s New York Times says that Sherlock Holmes was a model of mono-tasking. He solved crime after crime in his famous (fictional) career simply by focusing on the problem, concentrating in solitude until he’d unraveled the mystery.

Engineers Can Fix the Economy!

By Gary Hinkle
High unemployment continues to be a problem in the US and around the world. We complain there aren’t enough jobs, and someone should do something about it! We blame the government, we blame corporations, and we blame what’s going on in other countries.

Making Continuous Improvement “Stick”

By Gary Hinkle
Many organizations have implemented formal continuous improvement programs, often as part of an industry standard quality program such as ISO9000, Lean, Six Sigma, etc. Unfortunately, even with formal programs established, many organizations don’t achieve the full ROI benefits of their continuous improvement efforts.

The Hazards of Technical Presentations

By Susan de la Vergne
Technical presentations are fabulous examples of public speaking! Engineering and tech presenters are funny, concise, and engaging. Most of them can’t wait to grab a microphone, fire up their succinct, well-designed PowerPoint slides and launch into an hour or two of riveting information transfer!